Cave Diving: Not Just For Experienced Divers
Date Added: July 06, 2011 05:05:38 AM | Author: Family Friendly Directory | Category: Sports: Extreme Sports
Cave diving is another great extreme sport which will help you to see the beauty of the nature and feel the power of adrenaline. If you are fan of diving, then cave diving will be complete different experience for you. It is really different underwater world which you will see down there. But it does not matter that you must have previous driving experience. There are many extreme clubs which will give you the great opportunity to have the adventure of your life.

Cave diving adds additional thrill, because diving in beautiful coral reefs is quite different from cave diving. As you probably guess, you will not have the freedom of diving in open waters. Cave diving is similar to Speleology, but it is underwater. You have to pass through many narrow cracks and huge "galleries". The darkness is complete, so the underwater flashlight is your biggest ally during your adventure.You will also need neoprene suit, oxygen tanks and the rest usual diving equipment.

Cave diving is really exciting, but it is also very dangerous. Even if you are experienced diver, you can still have many troubles following the rules of cave diving. The best way to learn more about the secrets of this awesome extreme sport is to become member of cave diving club in your local area. Diving in groups is really important, because there will be always somebody who can help you in dangerous moments.

There are many caves around the world which are really popular among the divers. The benefits of improving your cave diving skills in such caves are huge, because most of them are already well studied and marked. There are also many guiding signs and navigating ropes, something very important if you are still new to the sport. The caves are huge labyrinth of passages, narrow cracks and series of galleries, so, it is very easy to lose the right way. Just imagine that you are getting into a large gallery and look back to see that there are several similar passages that look exactly the same. It is easy to become disorientated and therefore you have to be real professional and listen your instructors to avoid any accident.

As you see, it is a kind of dangerous adventure, but cave diving is very beautiful and unique extreme sport. The underwater beauty of the caves will give you really great emotions. It is completely new world with its own incredible atmosphere. You will never forget the mystic beauty of many stalagmites and stalactites. Many natural formations will amaze you with their shapes and uniqueness. The beauty and serenity which you will meet will simply make you will fantastic. The first excitements which you will feel will remain in your heart forever. Most of the times the water of the caves is incredibly transparent, and once you are inside you will be really one of the few lucky persons in the world who managed to enjoy the nature in very unusual and extreme way.